Celebrated radio and TV host, Willy M Tuva for the second time took to social media, Instagram to be precise to wish his son a happy birthday.

As charismatic as he has always been, he wrote a rather heart warming dedication to his son Tinya. From the photo, I can only say the apple did not fall far away from its tree.

Read the dedication below:

This is a special day son. I celebrate you everyday. You are the first to make me a father. You are the reason I am #Mzazi. I remember the day you first came to this world in Mombasa. You brought together my whole family including my uncles, cousins and your grandparents. They all came to receive you. Your Grandmother from the other side would have loved to be there but it would have taken her long to cross the border into Kenya and yet you decided to come on this day, 12th August. Your Grandpa, my dad gave you this unique name #TINYA coz you are unique. Strive to stand out so as to be outstanding. Believe in God and put Him first in everything. Respect everyone. Be kind. Live to love. Always be there for your beautiful sister Tanya. May God bless you with many many years and success. You are special. Tunakupenda sana. Sijui nikutanie…nikuchokozee kidogo? Wacha kwa leo! Hahahaa! Happy Birthday Tinya” – Mpendwa Babako, Mzazi Willy M. Tuva

Check out his son Tinya: