The allure of the prosperous Kenyan gospel industry appears to have been irresistible, even for hardcore hip hop guru, Ukoo Flani’s Zakah. It’s either that or more and more Kenyan secular artists are seeing the light.

The hip hop veteran is the latest to join the gospel band wagon and he is ready to to share the joys of finding Jesus Christ with you.

“I have been seeing visions of me preaching the word of God for a while now. As much as I tried to avoid them, it proved impossible as the visions persisted….I often found myself writing gospel lyrics I don’t know how but am sure God was trying to talk to me to accept and respond to the calling,” He said in an interview with Mdundo.

“My album ‘Desturi’, was set to drop come the end of this year, and it still will, but now expect more positive music than before and more gospel inspired lyrics in my hip hop.” He added.