sonkoDespite all sex scandals that have engulfed Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko, he seems to hold splendid advice to Kenyans that if practiced can bring back sanity to our society and at least reduce HIV infections and related deaths.

The controversial Senator through his Facebook page posted this advice to his loved Kenyans: “Whenever I have free medical services I always advise young men and women to abstain or use protection. Am shocked to hear Kenya is the 4th largest country in the world with HIV cases. Are we losing the fight against HIV? Why don’t you use a condom if you can’t abstain? Very worrying trend here especially to the youth…Wachana na dry fry utakufa bure.”

This post was after Kenya was ranked 4th highest in the world, in number of HIV infections. According to the Ministry of Health, the HIV prevalence in the country stands at 1.6 million people.

Now you may criticize Sonko’s post and only see the humor in it but he has passed a brilliant message.