Top boy band, Sauti Sol have come out to dismiss claims by singer Parroty Masharifu that they stole the Sura Yako tune from him.

According to Parroty, he approached Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno way before they recorded the hit with the chakacha beat looking for a collaboration.

“He saved the track on his laptop and promised he would call me back to discuss the collabo. But I never heard from him or any member of the band again. He refused to pick up my calls and I was surprised to hear my track on their new song,” he told Word Is.

Polycarp however says he has never met Parroty and came to know him after the plagiarism allegations.

“I don’t know him and I’ve never met him in person. Sauti Sol is a creative group and we work hard for our tunes. All he is seeking for is some cheap publicity just to get a three-day fame. But what he doesn’t know is that that fame will disappear as fast as it comes. Alleging that we stole a standard national genre from anybody is total nonsense and stupid. I’ve seen his video and he has talent. Tell him to work hard and gain from that instead of wasting energy on a cheap talk,” Polycarp said.