netAs you may have heard, Safaricom is giving away free bundles.

Kenya’s largest mobile service provider has decided that we need to do more YouTube, and they are now ‘rewarding’ their subscribers with free 40mbs to be used only for the video site. They are calling it the free YouTube bundle.

What do you need to do? Just dial *544*6*1*1*1#.

Or dial *544# and follow the steps after YouTube bundle.

Safaricom has not made it clear how the charges apply after you exhaust the free bundles, but I guess you revert to your paid ones. It is also not clear how often you receive the bundles.

The thing with YouTube though is that you use up lots of bundles, and by the 3rd video you may have exhausted the free 40 mbs. Going through twitter I can see many people complaining that their paid bundles got used up. It’s therefore advisable you keep checking your balance if you’re on a tight budget.