It is no secret that Kenya has some of the ugliest number plates in the world. Even our neighbours South Sudan have done much better in this department.

The government keeps promising to overhaul the current system, but now the prefix KCA has been rolled out.

In February this year, Transport CS Eng. Michael Kamau promised to roll out new plates before the end of the year. In the media briefing, he displayed some prototypes (photos), and everyone loved them. They were supposedly to be made at Kamiti Maximum prison.

According to him, motorists were to pay Sh2000 to move from the old to the new.

Many months later, we have not heard more on that and now a new prefix is on our roads. Many assumed that KBZ would be the last before the new system, but it appears the government has other plans.

Check out an ugly KCA and the proposed flashy plates.

kcaPhoto by @@ArcherMishale