Robert Alai is back with some new hot gossip.

This time it involves KTN’s Swahili news reporter Zubeida Kananu. Apparently, she may be having an affair with South Sudan president Salva Kiir. According to Alai on his flagship blog Kahawa Tungu, Zubeida has been photographed enough times in Juba. She has unlimited access to the president, and he’s even on her speed dial.

To support this big scoop, the controversial blogger has an exclusive picture of the two in a seemingly ‘unpresidential’ position. (We’ve since established Zubeida posted it on her Facebook page)

I am not the conspiracy theory kind of guy, but I must say unless he’s your father or husband, you do not squeeze yourself into a president’s chair like this.


Perhaps there may be some truth after all.

It could however just have been a friendly photo since she posted it on her Facebook page. I don’t think she was trying to tell the world of her affair with the head of the world’s newest state.

Anyway, Lets not forget Kelvin Koome, the guy who married Zubeida in 2009. Not a lot is known about their marriage, but if they’re still together, we can only hope it remains so.