KenGenThe Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) is currently in a move to relocate at least 150 home from Olkaria to make way for the establishment of a new power hub.
The program, which kicked off on Thursday, is meant to benefit families living in Manyattas, who will be relocated to modern two bedroom houses fully equipped with a kitchen and a living room. The apartments are seated on about one acre plot under the current KenGen Resettlement Action strategy plan funded by the World Bank at a cost of sh5 billion.

The initiative has left the families very excited, viewing it as a double blessing as they had no access to electricity and tap water before.
Speaking during the exercise, Olkaria Geothermal plant manager Cyrus Kirongothi said the community will as well gain from three modern churches, a school and a dispensary. Kirongothi also affirmed that KenGen had already acquired about 1,700 acres in Kedong farm for the resettlement program.

“We wanted to pave way for geothermal exploration in the area and the place where the Maasais were had huge geothermal reservoirs,” he added.

Among the beneficiaries of the project were Olosinyat, Olongonot, Cultural Centre and Olomaiyana Ndogo villages, which are seated on a 4,200-acre piece of land.

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