drinkA man was found dead and two others hospitalized in critical condition after a drinking competition. Chege Waithera, 26 year old,  is believed to have drunk three bottles of vuvuzela vodka on sunday night at a local pub in Karuri, Kiambaa constituency. This was after a friend offered to settle the bill for whoever turned the highest number of bottles upside down.

Peris Waithera, the mother to the deceased, said her son left her house on sunday night and was found dead in his house the following morning.”

His friends, Joseph Munene, 23 and Samuel Mungai, 24, were hospitalized in critical condition soon after the competition.

Vuvuzela is apparently sold cheaply in local pubs. While it can take a long time to prepare, greedy brewers lace it with chemicals to rush the process and to make it stronger. There have been many deaths from illicit brews this year alone.

Last week, one person died after another drinking competition in Limuru’s Karajee area.