railaHarambee Stars are out of AFCON qualifiers after drawing Lesotho yesterday at Nyayo National Stadium. Raila is a common figure during such games, and yesterday was no different.

People started whispering on Twitter that Raila is a jinx as most of the games he has attended end up going against us. I don’t entertain such arguments, but the former Premier may still be to blame.

During FKF’s last election, youthful Hussein Mohammed was considered a favourite. He was seen as the guy who would bring new ideas and policies to revive our football. Though not proven, it was said that Raila, who was then the PM, did everything to make sure Sam Nyamweya got the seat.

Writing on Facebook yesterday, Digital Director in the office of the president Dennis Itumbi however refused to blame Raila.

Here’s his post.

I am not a football expert, just a football lover and I am not part of those saying we lost because Cord Leader Raila Odinga was in the stadium – that is not true.

1. We have not invested in a proper team for a long time

2. Talent academies are still not structured

3. We should suspend ourselves from international duty, and slowly work on a game plan that will not only see a proper team emerge, but also assure a continous supply of players

4. The Sports Lottery is long overdue – it should be started as a matter of urgency, there is no shortcut on these things – proper equipment, modern training facilities and proper payment of players

5. We need to debate the management of our football and make decisions about that bit

6. Can we have a six sport National tournament starting from the villages to constituencies, Counties, then Inter-County and Finally Nationals and through that process identify talent in Football, Volleyball, etc.

7. I may be wrong on all the six points

My personal thoughts