Mbusi, famed for the popular ‘Goteana show’ rose to stardom in a very short time. He has managed to make a name for himself and his relentless effort has made him one of the most listened to radio presenters in the country, going by a recent media research.

The pint size lad is a perfect example of from grass to grace. In an aim to sustain his pregnant wife, Mbusi last week revealed that he had to sell weed.

When asked why he ventured into the ‘risky business’ by Nairobian Newspaper, he said, “I had a pregnant wife and a daughter to feed. My daughter had just joined school and I had to pay fees. Rent for my mabati house also had to be paid. Sh1,500 rent is a lot of money when you don’t have a job and you are living in Korogocho slums.”

He would sell the rolls to clients and then ask them to refer him to their friends thereby making a network. When asked how he stayed out of jail, he said  “I was very careful and avoided policemen. I was arrested a few times though and even spent a week in jail. That’s when I decided to recruit my wife. Unfortunately, she got arrested on her first day. She was stopped by a policeman who demanded to search her handbag.”

However, all this came to an end when he was promoted from being messenger and traffic update artiste to a radio host at Ghetto Radio.

Additional reporting by The Nairobian