A while back, the Nairobian did a story where controversial former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo claimed that his son is married to Kimunya’s daughter.

This was not received well by the former Kipipiri MP, Amos Kimunya, who came out refuting the claims. Speaking to the Nairobian, the former cabinet minister said, “I do not have a daughter married to Ndolo’s son. Check with him to clarify who his son is.” “My daughter is happily engaged to someone else,” he added

Earlier on, Ndolo had said, “My third born son is actually married to former minister Amos Kimunya’s daughter, just to show how diverse and nationalistic my family is.”

When the former boxer was contacted by the newspaper to clarify the information and set the record straight, he said, “My son is married to Kimunya’s sister’s daugher. Your sister’s daughter is your daughter, so he should not complain.” 

There you have it..