Meet 76 year old Isler Hildegaard; a travel enthusiast and a woman of distinct taste. Why you ask?

She’s Swiss, who has paid multiple visits to Kenya and now wants to be buried here and in the most unlikely way; her ashes to be scattered across the Amboseli. She wants them to be sprinkled over the gardens of her favourite room at Serena Safari lodge and I can only hope that her wishes come true.

Isler says that her now ‘lifetime’ decision was influenced by the unique combination of nature and friendly Kenyan people.

She has made more than 20 trips to Kenya and Tanzania since 1971. To her, age is nothing but a number and has not in any way interfered with her visits. Isler has also stuck with the country through thick and thin being perhaps the only tourist in Nakuru during the post-election violence.
“I love [Kenya], that’s why I keep coming over and over again,” she told the Star, adding that the highlights of her trip include watching sunrise on the magnificent Mt Kilimanjaro, and the wildebeest migration, which she gets to experience both in Kenya and in Tanzania. She adds that she enjoys watching the animals, including the greater Kudu in Samburu, the lesser Kudu in Tsavo and the elephants in Amboseli.

Apart from nature, Isler also love to read and has 7,000 books in her library. She is an ardent compiler of her safari memories and creates a booklet detailing all her experiences. Her books cover diverse topics but most are about Africa.
Isler still plans to continue her visits to Kenya and Tanzania.

Additional reporting by The Star