break..It’s said relationships have never been easy, a lot of sacrifice, honesty, love and honesty must come in handy. However, a breach of the key elements may outright lead to a break up.

Break up for starters, is the hardest part in a relationship. It also brings out someone’s character that has always been hidden. The next thing after break up is usually finding a way of getting back together and make things work.

Well, before finding out ways on getting back with your ex boyfriend, remember that not all relationships are reparable.

Check out the 7 simple ways of getting your ex back:

1. Apologize, but never beg. You’d never succeed in getting back your ex if you come crawling back to /him/her like a whipped puppy. Sure, you might need to apologize if you’re the one at fault, but never make it appear like you can’t live without her/him. Begging will only cause your ex to lose what little respect s/he has left for you

2. Know what caused your breakup. Getting back your ex involves resolving some issues that the two of you have encountered in the past. This is the main reason why you need to examine what specifically went wrong in your relationship and the specific things that you can do to overcome the discovered issues. It should also be noted that both relationships and breakups require the involvement of the man and a woman. In most cases, you cannot just put the blame on one party. You should accept the fact that both of you committed your own mistakes.

3. Give your ex the space that s/he needs. This means that you should prevent yourself from hounding him/her, regularly sending notes or harassing. What you need to do is to clearly express what is on your mind and what you think about the split. Give him/her time to think if getting back together is really healthy for the two of you.

4. Treat your ex like a bit boy/girl and ignore him/her. Reside your life as you did prior to you met. Take up a hobby or evening classes. In vest time together with your family members and go out and have enjoyable together with your buddies. Show him/her you are able to reside with out him/her and will turn out to be attracted to you once more. That’s how you got him/her within the initial location and it’ll function to obtain him back

5. Reminisce with him/her. As the saying goes, “love is sweeter the second time around.” Begin courting him/her again, like the bad episode never happened between you. Take her to the places she liked, places that held lots of happy memories about your relationship. Exchange stories about your past relationship, gently reminding her/him of what you both once had

6.Take time to improve yourself. You can further hone your skills on a particular area instead of waiting for your ex to respond to your calls. Go out and spend time exploring your interests. This is an effective way of showing him/her that you can stand up independently which can make you even more admirable and attractive to him/her.

7. Have an open mind. Open-mindedness can help in bridging the gaps in your relationship and resolving whatever conflicts that the two of you have faced. By talking openly, you can effortlessly listen and convey your observations and feelings to him/her. This is a good way to get your ex back and start over again with a clean slate.