ronThe act of helping others is more than just decent – it is vital to community’s healing. It is not limited to age as we have witnessed even young children unifying the people through various life supporting activities. This was attested when a 13 year old pupil arrived first at the peak of Lenana which is about 5000 meters above sea level.

Ron Mwangi of Christian Faith Academy in Nyeri town, came to conquer Mt Kenya to raise funds for children with disabilities. He was among 16 volunteers from Metropolitan Smile Dispatch team who had a wonderful opportunity in giving hand to support the life changing programme.

The mountain climbing exercise went down for four days with a mission to raise sh5 million. Mwangi said that he volunteered for the exercise in order to support his fellow kids, and that he was able to feed off the crowd’s energy as they chanted his name.
“I felt like I was on top of the world when I finally made it to the top. Finally, my mission was achieved,” said Mwangi as the crowd chanted his name. “Despite the snow, ice, bad terrain and bad weather, I finally made it to the top and returned freezing. My parents were very surprised that I made it.” The group returned on Thursday.

Metropolitan Smile Dispatch was established seven years ago in Kamakwa, Nyeri, with mission to change the lives of children with disabilities.
Jason Allan, the teams’ patron gave a touching speech to the crowd saying “Raising a child is quite a task, but raising a child with disability is an enormous task. These children require regular doctor’s consultation and therapy.”

Additional reporting by the Star