Last Friday, it the wee hours of the morning, several homosexuals were arrested at a downtown Nairobi bar and locked up at Central Police Station. This came just days after 60 Homosexuals were rounded up at Club Envy, forced into a vehicle and shipped off to Central police station.

However, it was said that they were arrested for drinking past the ‘Mututho’ time and not for their sexual orientation. Gay activist, Dennis Nzioka came out to clear the air in regards to the arrests. He first made a post on Facebook that read:

Several gay men arrested in downtown Nairobi early this morning around 1am. They were arrested in a pub by police who are said to have taken in everyone who was in the pub at that hour. They were first taken to Parklands police station but are now at Central police station. Charges are yet to be named but activists are following up.

Later reverted the same in another post that read:

Update on arrests downtown this morning. All but four released on charges of drunken and disorderly and drinking past hours in a pub which had no beer licence to sell after hours. The others were able to pay the cash bail and released. The four are currently being arraigned at Makadara Law Courts to answer the charges.

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