Tale-na-diamondBongo star, Diamond Platnumz on Monday released two great music videos, a first in the region. While you enjoy yourself to the Bum Bum and Mdogo Mdogo videos, you should also probably know that both the videos set back the Bongo star a whooping amount.

Both the videos cost the star, $78,000 which translates to Kshs 6,852,300. According to Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale, Mdogo Mdogo cost $40,000 ( Kshs 3,514,000) while the Bum Bum took up the remaining amount- $38,000 (Kshs 3,338,300).

“Video ambayo tumefanya Uingereza imetucost dola 38000. Video ambayo tumefanya South Africa ambayo ni Mdogo Mdogo imetucost 40,000,” Tale told Bongo5.

You can watch those videos HERE.