womanThe other day I was saying how Kenya is full of drama. Little did I know that we had started exporting some of it.

The video you are about to see shows a Kenyan woman abusing black Americans in a US subway station. It is not clear how the confrontation started, but from the video, it seems the black guys started it. They are heard calling her crazy among other words.

Little did they know that they had stepped on a live wire. In a heavy kikuyu accent, the lady single handedly puts them to their place.

“You’re black Americans, you’re trash.” she is heard repeating. “Am from Kenya, Africa.. you’re black Americans… you’re trash” she says.

She tells them that her mother back in Kenya told her not to associate with black Americans because they have low self esteem.

The woman is further infuriated with the fact that they were filming her.

“You’re brack (black) americans you’re trash. You have ugly mothers. If you have beautiful mothers you would not take me a picture… you’re trash. You’re worshiping me coz you have an ugly, stupid mother. You have ugly women in your life.” she screams.

The video is cut short when a security officer arrives.

Watch it below.