Since Tuesday, nothing else has been trending apart from #MyBukusuDarling.

A young girl of asian descent and from a rich family fell in love with one of their casual labourers. Narrating how she met the love of her life, Sarika Patel said that it was during Timothy Khamala’s first day at work at her family business.

She spotted him washing their car when she offered to help… and 4 years later, their love is still strong.

She left her rich parents and beautiful home to live with her 25 year old Bukusu boyfriend in his poorly lit hut, and she has vowed never to leave him. KTN journalists arrived just minutes after Sarika’s parents had left. They had come to take her away, for what the 24 year old says is being with an African.

Sarika has taken up Timothy’s son as her own, and this is growing into one brave and happy family. We wish them all the best.

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