bransonEnglish business magnate and investor, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson says travel advisories should be banned as they hurt countries and help terrorists.

Through his blog on, the renowned business icon and founder of Virgin Group highlighted the cons that come with travel advisories. Using Kenya as an example, Richard thinks no cpountry should ever impose a travel advisory on another country.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

No country should ever post travel advisories warnings citizens not to visit another country. We should all be taking steps to make fewer boundaries between people and nations – not creating deeper divisions.

The latest example of this is in Kenya, which has been suffering from travel advisories for years. Now, the UK Foreign Office has advised “against all but essential travel” to many areas of Kenya, warning there is a “a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping” and even a “threat of piracy”. They are giving the false impression that Kenya is too dangerous to visit.

While the government has a responsibility to highlight facts, advising against all non-essential travel could destroy Kenya’s economy, which depends hugely on tourism. 

They destroy economies, creating the dire circumstances and resentment where extremism is more likely to thrive. No country should put out advisories against countries that suffer terrorist attacks. We’ve had our ‘fair’ share in the UK and are not treated in this shabby way by other countries.

You read the full article HERE.