jimwatthumbCalif Records troubled rapper, [email protected] is ready to re-emerge according to fellow rapper Madtraxx.

The Boda Boda hitmaker was speaking to The Star, when he revealed that [email protected] has recovered well from the terrible accident he suffered in October last year, drug addiction and the grief following his father’s demise in March. He further adds that the rapper famed for the Under 18 hit, is already in the studio recording.

“As a matter of fact, we have already recorded some few tracks but I cannot disclose the details because we want that part to be a surprise for our fans. He has recovered well, he doesn’t need any help walking around; he is strong again,” he said.

Concerning [email protected]’s struggle with drug addiction, he said:  “As much as we have supported him towards his recovery, we have also worked hard not to tempt him to slid back to drinking. Drug addiction is a lifetime battle. You have to fight it everyday. However, it takes a lot of personal will to conquer. But on our end, we are making sure that he doesn’t come to contact with booze when he is with us. But the decision on such a matter is always personal but we are convinced that he has decided to stay sober.”