bc171856After a two year stint with Grandpa Records, rapper DNA has left the recording stable.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva on Monday during Mambo Mseto, DNA revealed that he had other commitments that he wanted to pursue but could not because of contract obligations. Born Dennis Kaggia, the rapper reclaimed his spot as one of Kenya’s top hit makers after he ended his stint in the gospel industry and signed with Grandpa. With hits such as “Fimbo” and “Maswali ya polisi” his comeback was well under way.

DNA will now be a freelance artist and will not be held to any Grandpa contractual obligations. As a free artist he will be able to record music at any studio and work with any artists he wishes to.

Grandpa Records CEO, Refigah confirmed the parting saying there was no bad blood between them.

 “At some point you want to do things on your own, try out different things which being a signed artist doesn’t allow you,” says Refigah adding that DNA’s contract with Grandpa ended in May 2014.