Visiting Gladiator actress, Connie Nielsen, officiated over the opening of Kibera Town Centre, a community centre that will provide water services for Kibera residents.

Connie, co founder of Human Needs Project which is behind the noble project had this to say:

“I was first introduced to the people of Kibera when filming in Nairobi, and became acutely aware of the incredible hardship they faced. It was apparent that the human potential inherent in the wonderful people I had met in Kibera needed access to opportunity so it could express itself: together with David Warner, we founded HNP and created a concept that empowers the people we are trying to help while creating the conditions necessary for the project’s long term sustainability through a thorough programme of capacity building, education and community engagement.” 

She added, “Our Town Centre is a clean tech building where community members access high tech centralised services they need in order to create a future of their own choosing: laundry, water, sanitation and baths, education, information, banking and connectivity. Since embarking upon this project, we have had the good fortune to partner up with a number of Academic institutions and Corporate partners, such as P&G Fabric Care, helping us to provide innovation, sustainability and important networks of knowledge and know-how in the Kibera community. I am thrilled we have opened the Kibera Community Centre; a place the community will operate and eventually own, and hopefully soon, grow and replicate.”

Here are some photos, courtesy of The Star