View-Ngong-sideKenya’s Ngong Hills has been named as the most romantic movie location in the world, edging out the likes of Paris, New York, Rome and Ireland.

According to UK travel website Travelzoo, which did the ranking released last week, Ngong Hills was voted as the most outstanding movie location for the movie, Out of Africa. Paris came second for serving as location for Before Sunset and New York third for Sleepless in Seattle.

It is no doubt that Kenya boasts some of the world’s finest tourist attractions and it is great to know that the world is not ignorant of her beauty. Besides the nature trail in Ngong Hills, termed as wonders of God by nature lovers, tourists can visit the grave bearing the remains of Denys George Finch Hatton of Out of Africa, whose plane crashed and in accordance with his wishes was buried at the foot of the hill. This spot has become a stopping point for tourists from all over the world. They get to see what they watch in the movie, Out of Africa.