During our teenage years, Sunday jam sessions at local clubs were the in thing…I know many would concur. Many teenagers would flock clubs for one of a kind dances and rap experiences. Actually, many jam sessions nurtured quite a number of local artistes.

The age old culture is now under threat as the National Council for Children’s Services has called for a total ban of jam sessions to protect children from dangerous sexual practices and drug abuse.

Through an advertisement in the local dailies, the council called on parents and guardians to monitor their children at all times and guide them on appropriate leisure activities. It also called for strict enforcement of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act adding that clubs found flouting the rule of admitting children should be closed and their owners prosecuted.

According to the council, it’s during jam sessions that many youth start abusing drugs in the clubs as they are exposed to alcohol, cigarettes and even hard drugs.

It noted that drug peddlers used the sessions to enlarge their market by introducing unsuspecting youth to drugs who after few days of free doses end up getting addicted.

Additional reporting on The Star