Mzazi Willy M Tuva has become a household name since he started hosting his ‘Mseto East Africa’ show on Citizen TV. He has grown in great leaps since his debut on TV and is one of the most admired media personality in the region.

Prudent as he is, Willy has managed to keep his family affair off the media hook and public eye. However, on the much coveted and awaited Saba Saba day, he came out and revealed to the world his beautiful and gorgeous 5 year old daughter wishing her a happy birthday. The Charismatic lad wrote his daughter this  heartwarming message on Instagram.

At 2:58am 7/7/2009 I was there to welcome you to the World and it was love at first sight 🙂 You are a GIFT from GOD. You came into my life and changed me. Am better than I was : I see me in you my closest friend coz we have so many things in common : You were born on 7/7, I was born on 17/7 : You are so talented, intelligent and clever. Just like me…you are an artist…unapenda kuchora : The sweetest breakfast served to me are the 3 kisses you give me on my forehead and cheeks : The sweetest words ever said to me are, “I love you dad.” When you go to school, “See you dad,” when I travel or go to work, “I will miss you” : Unapofikisha Miaka Mitano Mola akuzidishie Maisha, Upendo, Akubariki na Mafanikio na zaidi ya yote akujaalie kumuabudu na kumtumikia yeye (MWENYEZI MUNGU) : Wazazi utuheshimu, Kakako Uzidi kumpenda : Hahahahahappy Birthday Tanya Wangu!

Check out his daughter:

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