Willy M Tuva is one of the most celebrated celebrities in the media industry. He has managed to stay relevant in the dynamic industry, holding on to his top spot.

If his charming and bubbly nature is anything to go by, it would be harmless to say he is a jack of all trades and a master of all. From hosting radio shows to TV shows and painting, he’s certainly a man of many hats.

The lad yesterday proved to his colleague, Mr Prime he is no good in shooting pool. Mzazi managed to walk away with a whole sh 100,000 after winning a game.

He posted a video of the last shot of the game on his Instagram page. The short video was captioned: I WON a Kshs. 100, 000 shot playing pool when my colleague #MrPrime dared me : #DontMessWithMzazi #DontPlayWithMzazi 🙂 Sema “Mungu Saidia!”

Check out the video: