Kenya woke up to a dark morning on the 16th June after the infamous Mpeketoni attacks that saw 65 innocent people lose their lives. According to some witnesses, the attackers killed on the basis of the identification card. President Uhuru and his Internal Security cabinet secretary, Ole Lenku were adamant that the attacks were politically instigated.

However, reports done and filled by Haki Africa claim that the attacks were a motive by the terrorists and not politically instigated as alleged by the President.

The 17-page report released by the Coast based human rights organization explains that investigations showed the killings were carried out by the Somali Al Shabaab militants.

The report rubbished claims by the President that an area political network was responsible for the attacks targeting a certain community for ethnic cleansing.

“In our opinion, prima facie evidence that we have come across gives more credence to the Al Shabaab claims than to those of the President,” said Hussain Khalid, executive director of Haki Africa.