knorr_aromat_seasoning_original-500x500The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it would issue a directive calling for the withdrawal of Aromat food seasoning from the shop shelves over genetically modified (GM) content.

The food seasoning’s labeling indicates that its ingredients include salt, maize flour that contains genetically modified content and flavour enhancer, among others.

“From here, we will issue a circular to ensure that all the Aromat is removed from the shelves,” said chief public health officer Kepha Ombacho during a session with the parliamentary Committee for Agriculture, Livestock and Co-operatives in Nairobi on Tuesday.

“We work by doing general surveillance which is a continuous routine process and want to assure you that we will take action as per our mandate,” said Dr Omacho.

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo alerted the committee of Aromat ingredients, prompting the directive from the Health ministry.

“Why is Aromat being sold under our watch while there is a ban on such food products? Kenyans are thus consuming GMOs unknowingly,” said Mr Maanzo, while displaying a sample of the food seasoning.

It seems the ‘but with aromat’ jokes are set to dissappear.

– Additional Reporting by Business Daily