madSuper producer, super dj, super mc, Madtraxx has put East African artists on the spot over the quality of their music.

Being the deejay that he is, Madtraxx reckons artists should stop blame games and up their skills if they are to compete on the international level. His sentiments come at a time when music industry stakeholders are pointing an accusing finger towards local DJs, blaming them for not sufficiently playing their songs in favour of foreign artistes.

“Artistes are blaming deejays for not giving them airtime. Have they asked themselves why the situation is so? The deejaying world is very competitive and personally, as a DJ, I won’t play any music out of sympathy just because it’s from East Africa. I will play music from anywhere in the world as long as it’s the best. I play music to entertain people and nowadays we have millions of DJs. Every pub in Nairobi and elsewhere has DJs and so is every radio and TV station and the best among them is the one which plays the best music. So if you don’t have the best music then you are not the best in the game and by the end of the day, if our local music isn’t up to par, then we are not responsible for its lack of airplay,” said the Red Republic’s deejay-cum-rapper and record producer.

“In fact, there is a lot of good music from East Africa. And what happens to it? It gets airplay. DJs are a representation of the people and therefore if the music doesn’t please the DJ, surely it will not please the masses. The best music is always the popular ones. Artistes are investing so much on music videos than the audio production side of it. For me, I have no place for a good or a bad video; it’s all about the quality of the audio. So, artistes must get right their production priorities first before releasing their songs.” He added.