Former TV siren Esther Arunga has been enveloped lately by a series of controversies in regards to the death of her son. Conspiracy theorist are even claiming that the lass might have used her son as a sacrifice in her ‘satanic church’ for monetary benefits.

That aside, Esther has managed to get back on her feet and asked for an olive branch from her mother after they fell out when she (Arunga) sort for a restraining order against her several years ago.

Good news seem to find way to the controversial former TV siren as the Law Society of Kenya has offered her a chance at getting her life back together. Esther, a lawyer by profession, was famed for being the face of prime time news, and teens’ favourite a few years ago.

Speaking to the Star newspaper, LSK chief executive officer Apollo Mboya said: “Esther is our member at LSK and we are looking forward to having her back. If Esther comes back to Kenya, we will put her in a mentorship programme where she will be attached to a senior advocate who will mentor her.”

He added, “She will also be allowed to continue her legal education to comply with the laws. We will also waive the fees; she will not be penalised. We will do this till she is back on her feet.”

This is not the first time the LSK has extended open arms to one of their own. Early this year, LSK came to the rescue of John Mathenge Wambui, popularly known as the ‘tea picking lawyer’ by fellow villagers in Tetu, Nyeri. John’s career as an advocate had taken a plunge for the worst after alcohol abuse steered him away from the noble profession.

Additional reporting on The Star