NACADA boss, John Mututho crossed KOT’s red line after saying the Masaku 7s should be banned as sexuality was heightened by minors in the region, not to mention underage drinking. The ‘show stopper’ was adamant that Machakos governor, Dr Alfred Mutua is to blame.

Mututho’s remarks on banning the 7s series did not ogre well with many and in particular celebrated radio host, Larry Asego. The outspoken lad took time and wrote the ‘NACADA boss an open letter airing his sentiments.

Read the letter below:

“Dear Mr. Mututho. 
As a rugby player, I must say this. If you have been training for a tournament, your body is conditioned to do one thing, and that is deliver on the pitch. When the game is over, you are too sore and tired to think about anything else. If you have been organizing an event, you spend hours chasing clients, signing off on deals, sorting out last minute changes and dealing with arising emergencies every hour that by the time the event is done, you’re too sore and tired to think about anything else.

If you are a rugby fan, you will do all it takes to pay for a ticket no matter the cost, travel out of town alone or with friends, stay in the long queue to get in, find a seat then enjoy the game.

By the time the tournament is done, you are too tired and sore from victory or defeat to do anything else. And you actually know who won the tournament. If you are sore and tired from all the impossible stunts you engaged in simulating sexual activity on some poor fellow’s jeans and have no idea what tournament you’re in, then it’s within your prerogative, but at least you know why you are there. 

When you wake up one day and want to ban a tournament because some people could not control their drink, then you are the one with the problem, not the sport. This tournament is used by many to prepare for the national 7s circuit and teams invest in travel, accommodation among other things to be there.

Banning a tournament because you could not I.D while selling alcohol is ill advised and retrogressive. Instead of engaging the organizers, the knee jerk reaction is banning the tournament. For the first time, a tournament outside the KRU calendar attracted foreign participation and instead of selling the tournament more, we want to cancel it? How many Fijian sides have participated in 7s tournament organized in Kenya outside the KRU calendar? I will tell you, because you don’t know. None.

Ban the tournament, the so called kids, who have parents that allowed them to spend the weekend out of town unattended, will move to the next event. Don’t demonize rugby for societal flaws.

Ban a rugby tournament, and we transfer our shenanigans to the next event. It has nothing to do with rugby; it has something to do with lifestyle.

Ban one tournament; you might as well ban not only all other tournaments but all other events in the country as well. Control the knee Bwana Mututho that knee jerk reaction aint helping.”