Talk of bigwigs, Juliana Kanyamozi and Jose Chameleon hold the title in the land of bananas, Uganda. For so long they have caused ripples in the Ugandan music industry, their hits going far beyond boundaries.

However, the two have been accused of stealing songs from underground or rather, upcoming artistes. Juliana who is fresh from burying her son was accused of stealing a song from an artiste called Jeff. Jeff claims that Juliana released “Sanyu lyange” two weeks after he had released it.

On the other hand, artiste and radio panelist Jenkins Mukasa is accusing singer Jose Chameleone of bootlegging another artist’s song for his single Valu Valu, claims that Chameleon vehemently denies .

Well, could the ‘bigwigs’ be riding on people’s horses?

Additional reporting on New Vision