moses kuriaIt saddens me that Gatundu South people are about to elect Moses Kuria as their representative in parliament. The guy is one of the most inciteful politicians in Kenya, and the fact that he has a pending hate speech case does not prevent him from making more hate statements.

Following Saturday night’s attacks in Lamu, Kuria took to Twitter to blame CORD. It is the language he chose that however raises questions.

“The new attack in Lamu confirms that the CORD armed wing (Al Shabaab) is providing rear cover for the political wing ahead of Sabasaba.” he wrote.


He had earlier tweeted, “Someone tell CORD if they try to block Kiambu Road at Muthaiga or Outer Ring Road at Dòonholm tutapita na mtu.”


Replying to one Karanja Karuoya who had tweeted, “why only consult certain regions and yet one of the agenda 4 dialogue is inclusivity?”, Kuria wrote, “Foreskin misleads the mind.”


kuriaThat tweet was directly aimed at Luos, whose culture does not involve circumcision. We wait and see how NCIC will react.