fbSo I was seated here minding my own business when I was directed to this Facebook update that was attracting lots of comments.

A guy had just narrated to the whole Facebook how his good friend (a guy he called bro) screwed his girlfriend. The update was comical and so were the comments. The guy seemed really angry at both the bro and the friend. This is in Kenya by the way.

“…a dude i called bro just last month.Went behind my very back and screwed my girl like i damn derseved it.
And my girl? Spread her legs like why even ask.” he wrote.

I think I should just let you read the whole thing.

So,uhm. I have lost my girl to my nigga. Ki***a N***i A dude i called bro just last month.Went behind my very back and screwed my girl like i damn derseved it.
And my girl? Spread her legs like why even ask.
i see back at when we were all 3 together.Nigga there, hoping for the worst,waiting for me to fuck up,so he can fuck her.
and the saddest thing i ever heard was him say that he’s won the battle and the war,niggah please! you took my old bitch and turned her to your new bitch and you call that a win!!! what happened to your game man!! you were the isht,
should have known you a fake nigga,press your brakes nigga,i’l take you out nigga,No! Its not a date,gay fag.
I got no words for the bitch really.S*****a Lucy K**** she’s irrelevant to me,it was good(not really) while it lasted,but once a whore you’re nothing more.
I washed my hands off her long before i did the nigga.
I knew they were fucking from day one,but cooled down my dick,and stayed low,but now am giving this 2 low lifes a dose of their own pills (she’s taken so many with me

You can be certain the guy did not star out the names as we’ve done.

Though the guy claimed to have ‘washed his hands’ long time, he still sounded very bitter, and the comments as you guessed, were hard hitting.

He was however around to reply and elaborate.. Lets call him ‘Guy X’.

Replying to a friend, Guy X said, “Edu, there’s nothing there to kick,should check him out..he used his family’s car to nail her..he spend hell lot of cash to hit what i hit by subscribing to unlimited sms”

In another reply, Guy X wrote, “hahaaha..you guys.btw to all dudes in here,halla at that bitch for some free pussy.she can take a hit i guarantee [email protected] i even gave this nigga a week to apologise.(a whole week….) but he tripped,and yapped at me like he was getting paid for it.so i told him there’s a storm coming…thank ya’ll and watch your backs out there.”

Here are some other comments.

Cnilikwambia Naitwa Kevo – Let her go,karma wil hunt her fuckn ass down!!n that nigga aint loyal..how do you compare worn out pussy n brotherhood?smh!he is a Pornscum…a pornscum

Plato Njinu Kimani – Hoes.Hoes erywhere.N those damn bitches aint loyal.

Marilyn Chyf – maybe your “nigga” Kihara has nothing against you..its just free pussy. Listen to his sidevof the story, but you already made up your mind.

Joane Insanely Mwarey – Y you washing ur dirty laundry in public bruh? You lettn her go? Then b the big man n let her go quietly no fuss n no bitching. Doing this wont change the situation twill only change people’s perspective bouchyu

Empaya Stevoh Nizzle – My heart-felt condolences///scratch that/// if d niga has gat a siz go 4 ha..ka hana bang his ex..ka ex amechapa go 4 his mum..ka his mum aint 1 of doz hot mamaz then concider urself officialy fukd

Harry Bloodstaind – your bro be a fake ass nigga….why the fuck would someone do that…He ain’t got game though bruh.,the bitch was the stupid one

Bettylyn Mokeira Wairimu – hehe… napenda hizi moshene..looool … 
acha nirudi nisome frm comment number one

Muchangi Gichugu – izah boss…..keep ur bitch from ur male pals…hata bibi asikuwe close na ur male pals watakula io maneno… that how it waks best.,,, #advce

Dennis Kirimi – *grabs popcorns* too good this…

Happy Little Boozer – honestly i see no way around this, you should kill yourself & dont convince yourself otherwise.

Esther Nattybabe Scarlet – R.I.P Bro codes.

Davyie Gikonyo Chege – hehehehehe that a soap opera there

Syder Dido Aly Pharer – When a rich nigga wants u..And yo nigga cant do nothin for u…hahaha hoes aint LOYAL

Mwiti Jeffers – Let me advice Mr. (Guy X) :Kuna wasichana wengi sana Kenya hii and this kiatu you two are fighting over here, you r just making her feel so overrated.Maze that chic is not worth the fight you r putting up.You and the other guy here are just making that chic look like she is hot cake na hiyo ni ufala.Hata huyo mwingine ataachwa because if she has thirst for coins, even that other guy your fighting with, if that be why she left you, she is going to leave him too.Boss, this Kenya has unlimited number of women without men.Why are you making it so much a big deal that one of the many decided to change ur dick for that of the guy next door? Wacheni ujinga bwana.YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED SHARING A CHIC,esp if she belongs to the crew.It happens and guys do not spend eternity throwing missiles at each other.The only good thing this post has done is it has attracted so much attention, encouraged sharing and interacting and people knowing each other.Nothing more.Otherwise you cannot spend eternity here discussing one woman from amongst MILLIONS of other options!Kwani yeye ni Cleopatra???????

Irene Regal Grandeur Anyango – 1. Pole sana 2. Writting all these wount cure your aching heart just some temporary ‘joy’ coz of the people abusing them with things which you want to hear 3. Some of your friends are so immature there is a reason why you dated the girl even if she resembled an orangutang(kipendacho roho dawa) 4. She is gone and I bet she did it just to hurt you or get rid of you accept bana. 5. Sikiza death metal rock it helps in such situation 6. Talk to your close friends about it coz you are just entertaining your fb pals im sure most people who commented dont give a fuck and I repeat ugua pole dear

Guy X was not finished.
In another post, he wrote..

So and So said something that hurt my Ego.Now am just here thinking about it.Am also trembling holding a knife.Maybe i should go take it out on the girlfriend of the Niggah.but wait… he’s never had any of his own,it may be another guy’s girl i end up stabbing. 

ah fuck!,I know,i should go home and wash this drama off.

.. and then the final nail. He posted this photo. (obviously we’ve blurred out).
Sniper is Guy X, Patto is the ‘bro’ while Lucy is the girl at the centre of all of it.
While it’s true that these hoes ain’t loyal, do you think shaming them on Facebook is the answer?
and the parting shot…