Serenity and tranquility of the famous Karen suburb masks a bitter dispute between a senior Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) manager, Athman Mohamed Ali and Andrew Mbugua, former Limuru MP’s son, who are fighting over a woman, Ann Nyambura.

Athman claims that Andrew ‘stole’ his wife and attempts to get her back seemed futile as it resorted to fistfights. However, Andrew has rubbished the allegations claiming they are unfounded.

The contentious issue is a serious matter with the police being sucked into the raging love triangle. Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Mohamed summoned the two to his office on June 26, after it emerged that both had P3 forms with each claiming to have been assaulted by the other.

Ann Nyambura, the lady in contention, has custody of their children, a girl aged 8 and a six-year-old boy, while Athman has visitation rights. Child visits are perhaps the genesis of the problem, as both men are unable to stand the humiliation of having to face each other in the presence of the woman they love.

Athman is however adamant that Andrew is after his money. In an interview with The Nairobian, Athman said, “he has the woman, and I don’t really care about that. they have tried taking my children from me  and thats all i care about. Unfortunately, they are trying to use the children to get money and property from me.”

Additional reporting on The Nairobian.