Last week we wrote an article in which popular self-proclaimed prophet Owuor prophesied that after the Saba Saba rally peace would be elusive. The alleged prophecy read: “The Lord has spoken with me through a dream. I saw a group of youth surging as if they were running for their lives on Saba Saba. I gave the prophecy of dead bodies lying on the road way before the 2007 PEV. I see a storm coming but the Lord has a way out. The Lord is seeking righteousness; He wants repentance.”

Things turned out well as Kenya remained peaceful even after the much publicized rally. This would not have ended without controversial blogger Robert Alai weighing in on the matter. He viciously trashed prophet Owuor terming him as  ‘Prophet Taka Taka Owuor.’
As if that’s not all, Alai through his post also said that, ”He must shave his evil beard so that we can have a peaceful Kenya. He is the most evil thing.”

Here’s the post, check it out