confusedYou have definitely seen the confused face meme girl. It has been photoshopped a million and one times all over the world.

Keisha Johnson is the girl and she is now allegedly suing Instagram, for $500 million. This is according to She claims the photo-sharing app is responsible for the virality of the photo and should therefore be held liable.

Keisha, a 16 year old from Birmingham, Alabama is upset that the photo has been shared and mocked countless times.

She revealed that one of her friends took a photo of her and uploaded it to Instagram. Shortly after, her photo went viral and everybody started mocking her pose.

“My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up. I look nothing like that in real life… Im really a bad b*tch!” said Johnson according to

Her suit is already being dismissed as set for failure, since it is clearly stipulated on Instagram TOS and other social media platforms that users are responsible for what they share.

As the we wait and see the developments, perhaps we can recap on some of the funny ones.

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