ckSaba Saba came and went, but it exposed an underbelly that will continue hurting Kenya; Joblessness.
The fact that thousands turned up for the rally on a Monday, with most spending the entire day there, showed that we are playing with fire. Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi addresses that on his Saba Saba lessons.

This is what he posted yesterday.

The lesson I took away from Saba Saba is two fold. If were have that many idle youth on a Monday, we have a challenge on our hands that needs to be addressed. Employment opportunities should be expanded as a matter of priority. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that some of those workers may have abandoned their jobs for the day. As employers, we find it disheartening when we try to create opportunities then workers squander them with no regard to the sacrifice.

Young people should always remember that everything in life is a choice. You must choose to wake up and go to work. You must choose to hang in when times are tough and you have no other option. You must choose to make sacrifices for now because the future is not supported by a pipe of dreams. Make the right choices.