About three months ago, celebrity lovebirds Brenda Wairimu and Juliani got back together after they had allegedly broken up due to unconfirmed reasons.

Well things seem to have taken a different twist and turn as word on the street has it that Brenda is pregnant. This comes days after it was rumored that the two had moved in together to formalize their relationship.

The rumor of being heavy with a child was confirmed by a source close to the young beauty. Seeking anonymity, the source told Nairobian newspaper that Brenda was three months pregnant.  “She had to go home to keep away from the judgmental media which only seeks to get news even from personal stories,” the friend claimed. “Then again, she needed space and peace of mind to figure out how to disclose the news to the baby daddy,” the source went on adding. 

However, when Brenda was reached for comments, in shock, she sought to find out the source of the propaganda before making any comment. The gorgeous lass could not confirm nor deny the rumors.