babuControversial SONU leader, Babu Owino, has offered Ksh 35000 to anyone who brings him a finger of three men masquerading as University of Nairobi Students, who are radicalising students and administering oaths to them.

Through Facebook he posted the announcement on New Comrades Forum, listing the names of the three who he claims are working under the command of powerful politicians.

Here’s that post:

The following non students are radicalising students on tribal grounds.They are busy holding GEMA meetings within the university and administering oaths to innocent comrades
1.Dann Mwangi 
2.karumba frank
3.ian Kagiri 
I hereby instruct all generals to deal with them sarcamfoniously and bumbuluously should they be spotted within the university precincts..I will pay ksh35000 to any comrade that shall deliver a finger of either..comrades we are one tribe,lets not be divided.

Here are some comments that followed

Wesonga Habil I hold my mulembe house meetings in peace.. But it doesnt mean we preach tribalism. As comrades , ofcos we must unite at all costs, let not ethnicity divide us. Peace with no Pangas

Paul Usher I must lay my hand on that 35k bounty. Mwangi joke not. I am coming for you.
George Mutinda you mr babu owino should go to jail for a very long tym
Kijana Mzito Babu I thot u r a leader??
Raphael Kamau i agree that students should not be incited along tribal lines but i would also want babu to give us a list of the so called generals and that in the event of any assults the same generals should publicly claim responsibility.
Ken Anslem Pinto Ctati T z uncouth unethical n primitive for such
Moses Muchina we have to hold GEMA meetingz “storm” is coming
Moses Muchina UON got just 60000 students u cant control the whole town nigga
Eric Kipruto they shud be multiplied by zero and raised to power negative infinity!
Ken Anslem Pinto Ctati @Muchina pray u won’t b n d statistics of the dead
Harry Kamura babu is a mere sycophan of the opposition.bure kabisa
Ken Anslem Pinto Ctati @Kamura the opposition is legitimate in the quest of bttr governance
Kenan Amunga You r all tribal!
James Muturi Babu owino or what ever the animal you call yourself, you are at school to read and go home. This is a public school and you are just a drunk puppet there. Have some discip
Hudheyfa Ishaq Who is this GEMA guy that everyone seems to care about…i thought by being in a world class university Ts IQ that defines who we are and not our tribes.
Tuiki George anyone touch dann… will know the meaning of the word mt.kenya mafia
Agai Agayi ITUMBI the academic dwarf has just talked ill of our chairman…let him go adress his central kenya fellows
Sam Mukoya you deliver ten fingers, you get Ksh 0.35M. hehehe
Silvance Abeta Sly thats the spirit mr chairman you have to step on some toes to give gurdance even if they belong to majority long live Babu