Atlanta based Kenyan rapper Danny Kay fell on the wrong side of the mob after he allegedly ‘molested’ a child. This happened last weekend when the lad was filming a video for his latest song.

The lad was mistaken for a pedophile after shooting scenes that required actors to simulate a child molesting scenario which lead to curious onlookers outside the house suspecting there was something wrong.

Speaking to a local radio station, Danny confirmed the incident saying  “We were going about our business in the house not knowing we were attracting interest from outside, however this is a good sign to us,  I guess this means the actors played their role so well that when people heard the on goings in the house they actually thought it was real.”

Danny Kay who is now signed to Candy n Candy Records and afilliated to Cash Money Records was shooting a video for his next project “Raised from Hell”. The song, he revealed is a real life story of a young girl who undergoes molestation by her own dad and the mum who is an exotic dancer and drunkard is unable to help her.

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