The weekend was way long and way too exciting, I can hardly concentrate at work. The good part of the weekend was the pay day and I can guess almost everyone was loaded.

Away from the memorable weekend to quite a sad note. A call girl lost her life over the weekend while on duty. Yeah, while offering her services. The prostitute, only identified as Njeri, 28, was electrocuted at the Nairobi’s Industrial Area. It’s believed that she got a client who could not afford a room and they opted for a quickie behind a club but unknown to them, live electrical cables hang loose.

According to witnesses, the deceased was a well known client who offered her services to hustlers at Industrial area for as low as Sh 50. Police reports indicate that her half naked body was found behind the club and all signs indicate that she was electrocuted because the area has live wires.

The client, who survived death by a whisker, disappeared in the thin air leaving the lifeless body of his would be ‘meat’ lying pale on the live wires.