Yesterday, we carried this story about a Ksh 250 million Bugatti Vitesse that was supposedly spotted in Mombasa.
Today we return with some good news and bad news for the 60,000 Kenyans who read that story here.

Lets start with the good news..
1. The Bugatti Vitesse is worth about Sh250 million as we pointed out.
2. The photo was not Photoshopped. (It passed the basic tests).

Now to the bad news…
The photo was most likely not taken in Mombasa, or Kenya for that matter.

It turns out that may be one the bad looking areas in Dubai. If you look on the wall behind, you can make out UAE’s green, white and black flag.

The most logical explanation is that a Kenyan in the Arab country got too excited and started the rumour.

Anyway, we have managed to obtain more photos of the car, taken by a Dubai based car enthusiast.

We’re also hearing word that it belongs to some royalty.

Check it out.