annFormer Kenyan Big Brother housemate Annabel Mbaru, maybe one of the hottest female celebrities in the country but that was not always the case.

Before Ann mbaru was as hot as she is now, she was ridiculed and made fun of for her weight. Believe it or not, Ann once weighed a whooping 82 kilograms. Through her Instagram page, Ann shared a photo of herself back in the day when she was once a ‘fat one’. The photo also shows after she lost 20 kilograms and the transformation is nothing short of magnificent.


#MajorThrowBack Once upon a time I was a fat one. The before and after look is quite interesting. Regardless of how much weight I cut, the coconuts will never go away. I’ve been made fun of, ridiculed and they went global… But heay! They are about to go Anna Bananna soon. Thank you lol…#BralineForPlusSizeBoobies #AnnaBoobs # 

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