Photo by Standard

Seasoned journalist and news anchor, Tom Mboya has received worldwide accolades including the coveted CNN African Journalist of the Year Award in 2012. He is certainly one of the best news readers in the country.

Off the screens, Tom Mboya is a proud father of three – two sons (university student and form four candidate) and a daughter who is in class 7. From his compelling looks, one would never judge he has children in that age bracket.

Tom has raised his children single handedly as he separated with his wife when his last born daughter was merely one year old. He says parenting single handedly wasn’t any easy but he managed to pull through. “When we parted ways, I had just joined the media as a business reporter and anchor. My daughter was young and I had no nappies,” he said in an interview with The Nairobian. He added, “I sat down with the kids and we had an open conversation. I explained to them about the separation, what it meant and why.”

However, raising the children single handedly changed him completely and for the better. “Being single father has taught me how to multitask . I was anxious at the beginning I got used to it. The attitude I developed has kept me going,” he said.

Additional reporting by Nairobian