The highly sensual video for the song Mfalme wa Mapenzi by Sanaipei Tande was quite a catch for ‘team mafisi’. The video has really had the media talking. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether it will be banned on TV.

Amid those anticipations, the singer is in the middle of a brewing feud over the release of the video. The steamy video was shot by Onfon Media but it was to be released only on consent of producer Wawesh and label music director Elijah Girimani.

However, that was never the case as Onfon Media released the video. According to Elijah, “Onfon Media, without the consent of the producers, released the video. The producers are now threatening to sue for damages.” Apparently Onfon was to shoot all the music videos for the album but “there were issues with their work”. The song is part of the first of its kind compilation R&B album that is purely done in Swahili titled Mahaba.

Word has it that Wawesh wanted the re-shoot of the video done in the USA where Leo Faya, formerly of Capital FM, was putting final touches to an ambitious marketing campaign for the entire album.

When reached for comments, Sana said “Oh, drama as always!”.