Conspiratorial accounts are emerging as time passes by. The most recent account to emerge is that the 50 heavily armed gunmen followed orders from a ‘white man’, this according to witnesses.

Witnesses reported seeing about 50 heavily armed gunmen with flags associated with Al Shabaab. Some witnesses allege that police fled with them into bushes where they stayed for hours as heavy explosions shook the town.

Standard newspaper crew found a body of a police officer in uniform in the bush indicating the attackers could have pursued victims into the thickets to finish them off.

The ‘white man’, alleged to have wielded a bazooka, and his henchmen were masked but his distinctive pale white skin stood out from his exposed hands, neck and eyes in the street lighting.

“We have reports that one of the attackers was a white man. Several eyewitnesses we have interviewed say they saw the white man,” said Lamu County MP Shakilla Abdalla, who spoke to The Standard on phone from Mpeketoni.

Some residents claimed that they had supplied information to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) over an impending attack but the County Deputy Governor Eric Mugo, who lives in Mpeketoni, said that he was not aware of such reports.

Additional reporting  from the Standard Newspaper