raoDear Baba,
I hear u said I don’t go to work on July 7th, Gosh,,,,,u should know i work for a muhindi n he doesn’t take lunch break lightly leave alone absentism.

Please baba i am confused,…see,,,,,u told me u want to dialogue with this people, i didn’t know my job had a role to play in the whole thing or would be part of the subject,,,,honestly,,,,

i know ur looking for a job too, but, let’s not get excited n loose mine in the process.

I’m with u 100% even though nowadays ,,,, I truly don’t understand what u really want anymore. Let’s do this,,,

U go to saba saba on that day ,,,,n i go to work, then we meet in the evening, (if u make it). ,,,, n catch me up on how the day went with the chasing ,..,Hiding,, tear gassing and Rungu negotiations with the kenya’s finest Armed Athletes – GSU.

Sawa baba?