This year has seen very many celebrity weddings and since it’s mid year, we expect more. The most recent couple to walk down the aisle other than Kimye is Miss Uganda 2008 Dorah Mwima and Nader Barak, Uganda Branch boss Darling Hair Company Ltd.

According to the alluring model, the two have known each other for four years and their friendship which blossomed to love was to be shown to the world through a colorful wedding. Since she first met her charming Nader, she realized that he was the only man who was always there for her and never let her be sad nor left her side.

“It’s rare to find such a man, don’t you think so? But for Nader he will go to any length even though it means going out of his way to see me smile and happy. Sounds cliche but hey, you get to be in such a place where you know you have someone who supports you, admires you, but most of all loves you unconditionally then you will understand what am talking about. I am truly blessed to have him in my life,” she was quoted saying during a recent interview.

The wedding was an invite only affair with 100 guests sampled to witness and share the joy with the couple. According to sources, the ‘simple’ wedding cost roughly 80 Million Uganda Shillings( approximately Ksh 2.7m)

Check out the photos from the colorful wedding.